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Critical Vulnerability (CVE-2019-15846) in Exim Mail Server

BackgroundA critical vulnerability (CVE-2019-15846) was discovered in the Exim mail server, an open-source message transfer agent on Internet-facing Unix operating systems. It has a Common Vulnerability Score System v3.0 severity base score of 9.8 out of 10. Improper input validation in its code leads to a buffer overflow flaw allowing a local or remote attacker… Read More »

WannaCry Ransomware Security Advisory

As you have already been aware, there is currently widespread WannaCry Ransomware attacks on the Internet, targeting Windows Operating System with vulnerability if they are not patched regularly. National, Health IT systems and more than 75,000 computers in 99 countries have all been infected so far, with 36,000 WannaCry attacks detected so far and still on-going. Please… Read More »

Advisory: PHPMailer Exploit – Remote Code Execution

Affected: Customers using PHPMailer < 5.2.18 on their websites. Release Date: 25th Dec 2016 This is to update customers regarding the PHPMailer vulnerability exploit advisory (CVE-2016-10033). We will like to highlight the dangers regarding this exploit and provide more insight on the issue to our customers. If you are using CMS (Content Management System) such… Read More »