Sale of Symantec CA SSL Business – Comodo is Here to Help!

By | August 3, 2017

Today’s announcement about Symantec selling their Certificate Authority (CA) SSL Certificates business may leave many of their partners and customers with questions and doubt over their existing SSL Certificates, as well as the future commitment of their CA SSL Certificates provider.

The latest decision from Google is to distrust all existing Symantec SSL certificates starting in October 2018. More information can be found on

APC Hosting, as an official partner of Comodo is here to help. For existing Symantec customers, we are currently offering the below programme to assist you in the replacement of your current SSL certificates to Comodo.

  • Replace & Credit Promotion – extended through the end of 2017. Purchase a new Comodo SSL certificate with the same common name (domain name) and/or organisation (entity name) of a valid certificate of a competitor. We will credit you the remaining lifecycle or certificate validity period!

For the range of of Comodo SSL Certificates offered & their pricing, please refer to for more information.

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