99.999% Uptime, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT Jurong)

By | July 20, 2017

99.999% Uptime for the 10th Consecutive Year

Our Digital Realty Trust (DRT) Datacenters have set an amazing record of 99.999% Uptime for the 10th Consecutive Year for 2016, with APC Hosting achieving 100% Network Uptime record for the past 1 year.

This can be attributed to the premium facilities offered by our DRT STT Jurong datacenter as well as our fully redundant network setup utilising Tata Tier-1 IP backbone.

Despite this amazing feat, we will not be taking this for granted but will continue to monitor and make improvements to our network, facilities & services for our customers.

Tata Jurong to STT Jurong

With immediate effect, our datacenter at DRT Jurong will be referred to as STT Jurong instead of Tata Jurong.

This is due to the taking over of the datacenter by ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (GDC) from Tata Communications earlier this year in May 2017. For more information regarding the partnership, you may refer to: https://blog.apc.sg/partners/st-telemedia-partners-tata-communications-to-expand-data-centre-business-in-india-singapore/.

For more information regarding APC Hosting’s datacenter and network, you may refer to: https://www.apc.sg/about-apc-hosting.php.